New scribal arts gallery in Old City doubles as public beit midrash

“My vision is to be something that I don’t see in the Old City. You have the museums, you have the artifacts, you have the Kotel, you have the tefilla, you have Holy Bagel. There’s a huge gap,” says Kalman Gavriel, aka The Jerusalem Scribe. “My store is here to fill that gap, to help direct and inspire people.”

For the past eight years, he has been creating handmade works of Judaic calligraphy and running workshops for groups such as Talit-Birthright and even Christian tourists – everyone finds a bit of spiritual fascination in quilling the Hebrew letters of their name onto parchment.

“It’s an opportunity for self-expression and inspiration through this craft. I love teaching and talking about meaningful things,” Kalman says. “Writing the letters inspires me because it’s full of thought, kavanah [intention] and religious fire.”

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