Kalman Gavriel

Traditional scribe: contemporary lens.

Through his unique perspectives and expertise in the ancient craft, he brings the Torah to life in his art. Discover the collection and other offers below.

Naftalli Bennet – Former MK and Defense Minister

Moshe Leon – Current Mayor of Jerusalem with a custom piece.

Songwriter and Rapper Nissim Black with Kalman.

Kalman’s art at the UN

UN Watch executive director, Hillel Neuer gifting a piece at the annual gala dinner to Alfred Moses – former Ambassador and former UN Watch Chairman


The fastest way to bring the beauty and holiness of Kalman’s work into your life.

Custom Artwork

Collaborate with Kalman in creating an entirely new piece of art or remake one you and your family connect to.


Learn the holy art of traditional Jewish calligraphy in Kalman’s Scribal Art Class. 

Custom Pieces

Work together with Kalman to create a one-of-a-kind scribal art piece that will be cherished.