Shalom from Jerusalem

The world was created with the 222 letters of the Holy Hebrew Alef Bet.

As a classically trained Jewish Scribe, Kalman Gavriel Delmoor has dedicated himself to teaching workshops and creating Scribal artwork.

The Hebrew letters are the most authentic Jewish artform.
Kalman gives a wide audience access to the Jewish scribal tradition In a very unique way.

“True art does not have to be realistic or even beautiful, true art must deeply touch those who come into contact with it.” -Rabbi Menachem Fruman
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People today are looking for a deeper experience, Kalman offers interactive learning experiences, and fine Biblical art that satisfies this thirst.

Scribal Art Collection

Custom Pieces

Get started today and create your very own scribal art-piece

Work together with Kalman to create a one-of-a-kind scribal art piece that will be cherished.

Do you have a favorite verse or prayer you would like to see come to life on authentic parchment?

It is so very meaningful when a person comes with their own ideas and passions and literally puts their ideas into a personalized piece

Get to know Kalman

Kalman Gavriel Delmoor is an American born Scribe who sits in the Old City of Jerusalem at the Four Sephardic Synagogues.

In the Old City, Kalman creates Scribal art, interacts with tourists from all around the world, and runs scribal workshops.

Kalman learned to be a scribe from Rabbi Yair Eisenstock while studying in Otniel, a religious zionist yeshiva in the Hebron Hills of Israel.

After four years of Learning in Yeshiva, Kalman made Aliyah and drafted into the IDF, serving in the elite Paratrooper brigade for two years.

Kalman’s Love and passion for the hebrew letters made him practice diligently throughout his service and begin working as an independent scribe upon release.

Kalman began writing Ketubahs and small prayers while living in the Nachlaot Neighborhood of Jerusalem.

In Nachlaot, he also started working in collaboration with local artists and running community workshops.

He became acquainted with the Old City while working as a dorm counselor in Orayta, a one year Yeshiva program.

Kalman worked as a scribe in the Old City at an Artisans Gallery named ‘The Fifth Quarter’ before moving to the Four Sephardic Synagogues in 2016.

Kalman currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife Batyah.

Jerusalem Scribe photograph