Ein Sof- Endless light

This piece was inspired by Safed artist David Friedman. It represent how Divine light penetrates all the worlds and all of experience.
We have the capability of creating deep connection and reaching an infinite light that transcends any moment in time and physical limitation.

Jerusalem Ein Sof Artwork

May He Bless you and Guard you

This creative design highlights two powerful words from the priestly blessing.
(Numbers 6:22-27)
Jerusalem Priestly Blessing Artwork

Baby in good hands

This piece was designed for a renown Pediatric Doctor. Inside of the frame of positive words is a baby being held in an adults hands.
A special prayer for children and parents is the primary content of this piece.
Jerusalem Baby Artwork

Today is the day

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us be joyous and happy in it” Psalm 118:24
This piece is shaped in a loose spiral but a perfect circle to demonstrate the experience of living in the moment, and conquering each day for holy endeavors!
Jerusalem Day Artwork

Is this Justice

Written from the biblical account of Abraham battling with God over the destruction of Sodom (Genesis 18), this piece is circular with blues mixed between lines. This represents the full circle nature of creation.
This piece was given by the UN watch to a distinguished recipient for his activism for truth and justice.
Jerusalem Solidarity Artwork

Deer of Prayer

This piece is made up of the entire psalm 42
 “As a deer longs for brooks of fresh water so too does my soul long for the Lord”
In an attempt to catch the deep feelings of the psalmist- this piece uses a unique style to place the letters inside of an animal form.
Jerusalem Animal Artwork

Circular Eshet Chayil

Jerusalem Woman of Valor

Scribal Artwork

Jerusalem Genesis

Renewal every Heartbeat

This piece is a heartrate written from the verse in the morning prayer service “He who renews in His goodness the acts of creation every day”.
Just like our hearts must beat to stay alive, so too we rely on Hashem to constantly create and recreate the world in order for us to exist.
This is my visual prayer for constant faith and trust in Hashem
Jerusalem Heartbeat


Jerusalem Bird

Pilgrimage at the Temple in Jerusalem

Written with verses from the Prophets
Jerusalem Temple

Praying IDF soldier

Written with Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem
Jerusalem Anthem
Jerusalem Soldier

“How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together”. Psalm 133:1

Border was personalized for a family with 5 brothers
The Jerusalem Scribe

The month of Nissan

Jerusalem Lion

Original prayer for all created things

Custom piece for a pet enthusiast
Jerusalem Pets

The power of prayer

Personalized piece for a 50th birthday
Jerusalem Prayer

Israel map written with the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva

Jerusalem Map