Erev Pesach


Shalom from Jerusalem!

As we near Passover I wanted to share my journey.

Passover is the time that the  nation of Israel was born. It is not enough to commemorate the Exodus of Egypt but every Jew must experience and relive the unbelievable initiation of our people. 

By sharing Torah and holy ideas I believe we are doing just that!

This last year I have focused on developing my work in scribal art in the form of Ketubahs, prayers, blessings and verses for homes, offices and community centers. I have also develop a dynamic Scribal Workshop that can be tailored to fit the educational needs of families or professionals. 

I have welcomed groups of Artists, Journalists, students, Tourists and families and tried to give them a meaningful introduction into the sacred Jewish craft of a Scribe. 

This coming year I have a few goals I’d like to share.

 I want to continue developing my workshop to fit the needs of Jews from all walks of life. 

I am involved in Artist Gatherings that promote the spread of meaningful ideas and inspirations amongst local artists, both aspiring and accomplished. 

I am preparing an extensive project on Synagogue Art that will culminate in a Synagogue art exhibition this coming year. 

I believe Synagogues and places of prayer should have powerful visual art on their walls.

 I want to thank all of my friends who have supported and followed me in my growing scribal art business this past year. 

I am now launching a collection of high quality prints available to buy all over the world! You can view these prints in the website store!

Remember to check back at my Website for exciting changes, and keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram.



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