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Shalom from Jerusalem! As we near Passover I wanted to share my journey. Passover is the time that the  nation of Israel was born. It is not enough to commemorate the Exodus of Egypt but…
Posted on April 19, 2019
Jews have often been called am ha-sefer, the people of the book. This designation underscores the importance of text in Judaism and the belief that God communicates with us through the written word. The central…
What is a Sofer (Scribe)? A sofer (Hebrew for “scribe”) is the specially trained craftsman who writes the holy texts onto parchment using the traditional form of Hebrew calligraphy. In addition to writing, the sofer…


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‘I am to my beloved And my beloved is to me’ Classic ketubah with 24 karat gold!!! For a special special young couple in Los Angeles!! #thejerusalemscribe #art #ketubah
“Think good it WILL be good!” Custom artwork for a special family in Atlanta! Order your favorite verse today!! @thejerusalemscribe
So each attendee can take something home we offer to write their name on a Small Jerusalem stone. Their is something simple and profound about it that engages people of all ages! I want to bless myself and you to have the eagerness of a child to receive all that HaShem sends to us... May we be blessed to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai in the same spirit as our ancestors. The deepest things always start in the heart and only manifest when the time is right- as in the relationship between Passover and Shavuot. We accept to be led and we arrive at the mountain!!! Chag Samaech!!

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