Scribal Workshops

Scribal Workshops

The scribal arts workshop is a hands-on interactive Torah learning experience fit for a range of ages.
We believe that the highest, and most enjoyable form of learning is when you are empowered to apply the tools you’ve learned in a creative and thoughtful way.
The goal of the workshop is to bridge the gap between student and teacher, artist and artist enthusiasts.

Work together with a scribe and write with a quill and classic scribal Ink on parchment, and get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ taste of the world of a scribe.

This workshop is accessible for families, students and interested people of all levels.

We believe that every person should have access to this deep wellspring of Torah.

The highest level of Torah is genuine integration- Something we are convinced can be achieved with the letters.

In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals of the Holy Hebrew letters and basic mechanic of using a quill.

Imagine being able to write a letter, your name or even favorite verse in the spirit of the tradition passed down from Hashem to Moshe at Mount Sinai.

Jerusalem Scribal Workshop

We offer custom built workshops to fit the abilities and interest of each group

Classic Workshops
Community Workshops
Bar Mitzvah Workshops
Meditation Workshops

Our workshops are 1 hr, 2 hr, or 3 hour time spaces.
Pricing for groups of 5 people or more :
1hr- 100 Shekel/person
2hr- 180 shekel/person
3hr- 240 shekel/person

Come join the fun!


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Shiviti- Candelabra shaped from Psalm of David 67 Written on rare parchment in bright blue!! Colorful Synogogue artwork!!!Chwkc our my new website #thejerusalemscribe #jerusalem #israel #jewish #psalms #prayer #scribe #lettering #blue #Torah
Lovers faces in the letters!!
The letter Dalet!! ד!! The letter dalet ד is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It means doorway דלת - the medium of connection between two spaces. Nature- four cardinal directions are the platform for deeper spirituality. Horizontal and vertical plane represent physical and spiritual connectivity!! In the tradition dalet ד represents in its form a person bowing before the all powerful HaShem. Humility is the main attribute of dalet ד Only through humility can one elevate into a richer and deeper consciousness. We embody dalet ד when we connect to the all encompassing One and strive for improvement- both personal and universal. What are your thoughts on dalet ד?!! #jerusalem #standbyme #thejerusalemscribe #alef #letters

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