Ani L’Dodi V’dodi lee- I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me
-Song of Songs

The Ketubah is a traditional marriage contract that is used today by Jews worldwide.

Kalman works together with the bride and groom to create a special ketubah that embodies favorite themes and verses in a unique way that truly reflects the unique relationship of each couple.

The Ketubah, in its essence, is a binding contract and therefore will include all pertinent details including Hebrew names of the couple, the date and location of the wedding. Kalman will consult with the officiating Rabbi to insure validity of this delicate document.

Kalman will collaborate with local Israeli artists upon request.

Browse the gallery below to see examples of Ketubahs.

Prices range from 800$-2000$

Feel free to discuss with me via email any idea you may have.

[email protected] – message me directly here


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Shiviti- Candelabra shaped from Psalm of David 67 Written on rare parchment in bright blue!! Colorful Synogogue artwork!!!Chwkc our my new website #thejerusalemscribe #jerusalem #israel #jewish #psalms #prayer #scribe #lettering #blue #Torah
Lovers faces in the letters!!
The letter Dalet!! ד!! The letter dalet ד is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It means doorway דלת - the medium of connection between two spaces. Nature- four cardinal directions are the platform for deeper spirituality. Horizontal and vertical plane represent physical and spiritual connectivity!! In the tradition dalet ד represents in its form a person bowing before the all powerful HaShem. Humility is the main attribute of dalet ד Only through humility can one elevate into a richer and deeper consciousness. We embody dalet ד when we connect to the all encompassing One and strive for improvement- both personal and universal. What are your thoughts on dalet ד?!! #jerusalem #standbyme #thejerusalemscribe #alef #letters

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